What do I get?

Four full colour Newsletters (currently issued quarterly)

Discounts on new Dad's Army items

Regular Members events & Tours

Membership badge or sticker

News of forthcoming releases

Opportunities to meet the remaining cast

Access to the DAAS Video & Audio Libraries

How much does it cost?

UK residents

Annual membership £10.00


Annual membership 15 Euros


Annual membership £15.00

Who do I apply to?

Tony Pritchard

c/o The Dad's Army Appreciation Society

41 Borough Close

Kings Stanley, STONEHOUSE

Gloucsetershire, UK

GL10 3LJ

To Join, Click on DAAS Logo (PDF file) on top of the page to download the Membership Form.
(Details on how to apply, is on the Membership Form)

Find out on how to become a member of the DAAS.

(Dad’s Army Appreciation Society)

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